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Kampong Cham



· Kampong Cham is a city on the Mekong River in southeastern Cambodia. It's known for its French colonial buildings. To the south, Koh Pen Island is reached via a long bamboo bridge. Just beyond town is Wat Nokor Bachey, where a modern pagoda is built on the site of an Angkorian temple. The hills of Phnom Pros and Phnom Srei have temples at the top. Farther north, Prasat Hanchey has pagodas and Mekong River views.

  • Official Name

    Kampong Cham Province

  • Capital City

    Kampong Cham

  • Language


  • Population


  • Climate

    Monsoon regime

  • Airport


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  • Currency

    Cambodian Riel (KHR)

  • Industry

    Factories for textile, shoes and umbrellas


Prasat Nokor Bachey

This temple is located in Ampil commune, Kampong Cham province. It w a s built in the late 12th century and early 13th by King Jayvarman 7 in the Bayon style and dedicated to the Mahayana Buddhism.


Teuk Chhu

This area has the potential attractions including temples and irrigation agriculture, the majority of visitors to popular diving corals, which flows out of really ground water sources. There also have small dams built since June 13, 2003.


Koh Pen

Koh Pen is an island in the midst Mekong River. Pen Island is a tourist destination showed people living along the river. Pen Island residents grow crops depending on the farmers, fisherman and some traditional craft occupations. Local people boat through along the bamboo bridge across the Mekong River in the dry season.